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Leverage qbeats technology to unlock new digital revenue streams and drive more conversions, while retaining ownership of your customer relationships

Core Technology

The Engine that Powers Content

qbeats’ price discovery engine establishes the quantitative-market value, or QMV™, for each unit of content and adjusts it dynamically against its shelf life and 100s of other factors. It’s the first ever application of artificial intelligence to price content in real time

QMV™ answers the fundamental question: What is content worth now?

Knowing what content is worth is equally important to both consumers, producers and sponsors of content and has direct commercial implications for advertisers, media companies and their customers.

Value Proposition

Why is qbeats a must-have technology for anyone responsible for digital revenue? Because it meets the needs of every digital stakeholder: advertisers want their message directly associated with value; publishers want to maximize revenue; and consumers want access to premium information when and where they choose and on their own terms.

PayWindow™: A 3-in-1 Digital Revenue Machine

The qbeats PayWindow™ is a three-way payment gateway that secures any single unit of content—text or video—and lets consumers transact with publishers seamlessly and securely. No redirection. No pop-ups. Nothing that will impede their experience.

The PayWindow™ lets consumers choose between subscribing or viewing an ad or paying a QMV™-based price to unlock digital content.

PayWindow™: A Tool for Driving Conversions

The qbeats PayWindow™ isn’t a fancy name for pay-per-view as a stand-alone business model. It’s a new way to seamlessly interact with your readers at different points on their consumption journey.

Not every online visitor is ready to subscribe right away. With the PayWindow™, Real-time consumption data reinforces your content’s value and helps you identify when a reader is ready to convert. We’ve made it easy for publishers to visualize consumption patterns, identify likely subscribers, and tailor a conversion message based on value.


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