Introducing qbeats

qbeats is all about bringing the value of information to life. Information is a staple, essential to the evolution of our society. Yet the shift from print to digital content has applied pressures that have weakened the information market. We’re on a mission to change that. We seek to elevate the quality of information, to unlock the true value of content, to take the intangible and, well, tange it.

The content we see online is as varied and diverse as the people who create and consume it. Why then is treated as a monoculture, tied together, locked down and disempowered? These are the questions that sparked our big idea: bringing the value of content to life, putting it at the forefront, and allowing universal access to everyone.

The Future

We envision an Information Experience where content creators and providers profit from their content investment and are incentivized to produce and deliver ever-improving content. An experience where consumers can truly appreciate the value of what they read. It all starts with letting content’s true worth emerge. Unlocked, unfettered, and uncomplicated, it’s an online ecosystem in which we all benefit.


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